Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baby Love

The first pic was taken a year ago. Our first pictorial with a pro, ImagineNation. At 8 months, with barely 4 teeth, he was very cooperative with the photographers - smiling ang making pacute haha.
But the little boy grew and grew, he grew and grew until he was 1 year old. Here he is in his cub scout uniform, printed by momma for a photshoot we scheduled for his birthday. On his birthday he hasnt mastered walking alone yet, few steps yes but he'd rather be carried. Until one day when he found freedom with walking and then running and jumping.
Then the little cutie boy grew and grew , he grew and grew until he was 1 year and 8 months old. This kid is driving me crazy, madly in love with him everyday. He has his own way of making you love him, superpower that melts the heart.

He calls me "Mama" that alone, yes just calling me "Mama" melts my heart. You probably know how long it took til Thea calls me Mom right? So this is no drama, it is super special to hear that magic word.

He knows shapes now, we don't force him, no pictures on the wall to remind him often just books that he loves to read. He calls triangle "Atang" i dont know how it happens but he does, we correct him and say triangle then he'll say triangle, but whe we point it again he'll say "Atang".

We have more than allowed time TV viewing. Ate Thea knows how to open the tube and we struggle to find ways to keep them busy we need something more fun than Disney Junior to make her turn off the TV without much struggle (stress at the much).  But know that we make it a point to teach them and have study/play sessions. Here he is matching pictures, yes he knows Mickey mouse and the rest of the gang :) Cars he hasnt watched but he loves it when I show him pictures of Mcqueen. I guess we now know what to give him next time.

And the little boy grew and grew. he grew and grew. He now knows how to refuse. AYAW is his favorite word. I showed him Mcqueen his answer "aaaay car!", I showed him puzzle - Buzz lightyear, "Ayaw Buzz he said , showed him slippers with another character I forgot what then he said "Ayaw shoes". Take him to the table for dinner and you'll probably hear Ayaw for at least 10 times :) He'll say "Ayaw" when he doesnt like the clothes you want him to wear. Oh little buddy, so I taught him to answer "Ako" he'll say Atu when I ask sino makulit? Para-paraan lang anak.

There was also a time when he likes saying BoomPanes something he learned from his cousins. He repeats until you notice. When he laughs he bends backward, ala Pilita Corales bending, sometimes I had to push him back so he could stand straight ;)

When it's time to read to Ate Thea he'll find ways to join. It wasnt easy as Ate is jealous when Leb is around. But I know this will pass, and I just have to savor the moment when both kids are competing for my attention.

He loves pleasing mommy, like it is the ultimate thing to do. Oh joy to see you baby doing extra things for mommy. Like this pose for instance hahaha.
I'll end with the song from I Love You Forever. 

I love you forever.
I like you as always.
As long as Im living.
My baby you'll be.

And baby even when I grow and grow, grow and grow until I am soo old and might not be able to sing that song to you anymore, know that Mama loves you forever and ever.

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