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Tagaytay 2013


December out of town destination should be somewhere cococo coooold. We scheduled our 3day 2 nights vacation a day after Christmas. We were still high from the festivities yet the next day we were off for some more bonding time. Who wouldn't love December eh?

So 7am of December 26th the Regalado's were bound to SLEX Sta Rosa with a little help of technology aka "waze"we were able to get to our hotel at around 11am. That was hours before check in time the hotel is packed and they couldn't accommodate us immediately. So we went ahead on our "to go list" and checked Picnic Grove because that's the one near the hotel. We had lunch already so that would have made us all ready but the little girl was a little disoriented with the change of routine, it took a while before she became at ease with the area. Thanks to the bouncers for rent, do u call it bouncers haha those big air filled castles you jump on? We left after an hour because it was sooo hot and we thought we're going to a cold place! Alvin was already thinking if he will be able to use his jacket, the newly bought blue nike jacket hahaha! It is still 2 hours before we could check in, and hubby asked me what else was on the list. I haven't diligently planned for the trip. I just made bullets where I want to go and see but I dont know which one is located near each other. So I just ask him to drive.

On the street "Puzzle Mansion this way" signs were plenty. And it was on the list! Hubby said the reviews says it is not quite nice but I insisted - how could you not miss THE SIGNS, haha parang I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes lang yan. Each sign made me wonder what's with this mansion with super dami advertisement saying it was now in the Guiness Book of Records! Going there hubby had a hard time driving, we don't know the place and we're just following 'the signs' hahaha.

This way to Puzzle Mansion it says then there was this steep road I can't give you a proper picture but it was waaaay steep I had to ask Nene to hold the kids tight. There were men guarding the way so traffic wont be a problem, driving na lang! With all the driving challenge I was really hoping the Mansion would be great kahit good na lang. We got there and no Mansion in sight just an array of jigsaw puzzles on a building structure which I think was small to fit the collection. In fairness to the lady her stuff were awesome but showcasing them like that understates their value. Plus plus plus naming it Mansion is not appropriate, it just dont fit,even a Manor wont do. "Sangkaterba Puzzle" would be best haha but that won't be good for marketing eh? We stayed for like 30 min and went back to hotel. Off to the steep road again haha.

On our way to hotel we dropped by at Bag of Beans for some pastries and Banana Chips. That made the trip because the bread was good and I was feeling hungry na din! Past 1 we arrived at One Tagaytay Place and I asked if we could check in, we could! yipityyey!!!

The theme of the trip is to Recreate and Relax. So Relax it was at the hotel's suite :) The kids enjoy the spacious room, add to the fun was the receiving area where they could watch whatelse but Disney junior! My tummy asked for a little food so we ordered from the resto. We had adobo and was that beef??? Yummy both! Hunger relieved.

Around 4:30pm we got ourselves ready for our Taal Vista coffee trip :) Non hotel guests need to go (drink) to the coffee shop to go to their viewing area. Thea had FUN!!! Making Alvin more regretful that we didnt checked in there. I just have to remind him that our 2 nights stay in one tagaytay place is equivalent to one night at Taal Vista and that's not even a suite. His argument was clear naman once you look at the delightful girl's face, it was priceless.
Day 2 was Sky Ranch and Caleruega day! The plan was to go to Sky Ranch early that way we can avoid long queues but lo the girl had a different plan. I went ahead to buy the tickets while they wait inside the car- Sky Ranch doesn't have a ride all you can ticket yet so you need to buy tickets for each ride (imagine that), also understand that there were only two ticket booths for all the rides (IMAGINE THAT!) that explains the EARLY i planned ahead to save time. When I told them they could go in and play around the area while I line up the girl doesnt want to enter the gate. Thinking piggy back would save the day the daddy offered his back to his daughter but the girl just doesnt want to go inside the amusement park. I was still hopeful though and bought the tickets, 1300 worth tickets and went back to the car fingers crossed. Inside the car the air was stiff haha, the tired guy with an aching back wants to go somewhere else, and I was like "Sayang ang 1300" . Change of plans, we'll go back to the park once its dark na  and the dancing lights are on, that way (hopefully) Thea would go inside.

To Caleruega then we went as planned. Good thing I asked the mommy forum about it, they were raving about the place and reminded me to bring lunch on our way because there's nowhere to buy food. Caleruega is in Nasugbu batangas, a 45-60 minute ride from Sky Ranch. The place was far alright, we passed by Antonio's and vowed we will eat there on our way back. Waze helped us find the place - btw this is not an ad for waze hehe. So there almost an hour later we reached the place. It is a Dominican retreat center with a beautiful church on the hill and a very nice garden perfect for weddings if you were a Catholic. The church looks nice - the old not scary feel nice. We didnt go in but went straight to the park/garden with sorta maze to view those big fish haha what do u call them again - the anaconda type fish bigger than Leb? Thea had sooo sooo much fun in Caleruega. Not much people, big garden and the place is cold enough for her. And there wasnt any entrance thing for each of us just a minimal fee for our car, isnt it great tipid na enjoy pa si Thea! Did Caleb enjoy the place? Oh yes he did, he can walk a little by then and he had fun walking/running at the garden too.

Caleruega check now we are off for some fancy food, Breakfast at Antonio's, Caleb was sleeping and Thea was tired and they were inside the car so I and hubs went down to see the place. It was full packed and he was like can we order for take out instead? And I didnt like the idea because the food i bet is pretty expensive because of the place itself if we'll order for take out i think it isnt worth it. So we left and I had in my mind that next time we will be able to eat there with Thea and Caleb sitting quietly eating their food and not us following them around or taking turns which one will eat first - the parents of Toddlers and kids dillemma.

To our hotel room we were at 4pm. The kuripot in me was like " Sayang P1300" hahaha, I just couldnt get over it! But the kids and all of us are tired na. Caleb slept, one baby down! The girl was busy coloring, oh she has crayons courtesy of the hotel. Night before she wasnt feeling sleepy as she wasnt use to the place we were up till late night or early dawn I guess, me drawing the backyardigans characters who I thought I already know how to draw. On one of the papers I draw Pablo and pointed it out to her and said "Who's this" and she said matter of factly "Snowman" her dad cracked up big time, and I was like "Sige nga ikaw magdrawing" with that he tried not to laugh na but yes he just couldnt stop hahaha. Looking at my drawing, yes pablo was chubby and sure look a lot like snowman. Lesson? Do not ask a child with people around if you arent sure your drawing isnt worth an A+

Around 6pm we were thinking where we could eat. Made a deal that if Thea wants to go inside Sky Ranch we'll go but if she doesnt then we'll have to give away the tickets. On our way to the park I was praying, sana pumasok sana sumakay kahit sa Eye lang! And was my prayer answered? Oh yes it was and more! We were able to ride the plane, the carousel, the ship and the Eye of course! We had to go home because it was getting cold and dark besides the mission was already accomplished. We had 4 more tickets left the not so expensive ones and that I am willing to let go. I saw a girl and gave it to her, we made a girl and her family happy!

Next day, our last in Tagaytay was pasalubong buko pie "Colette's" specifically requested by Tatay E and fruits. We also bought a Sunflower plant (died after a month), but it was really pretty and it was calling me asking me to buy her since day 1. We are on our way home by 11am, traffic going to Tagaytay was getting heavy it was a Saturday and maybe they will spend the entire holiday till New Year there but us - we were glad to go home!

A fun family bonding it was for all of us. The last travel hurrah of our family for 2013.

(dont know what happened with the background. sorry i cant fix them na. i already used my time writing. havent even edited haha. so there )

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