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2014 Half Year Report

2014 turn of events is like a click of the remote control so instant it feels like 2013 was just yesterday. But the truth remains that half of the year is done and we cannot change any of it. We can't change but we can remember the things that transpired, new places seen, friendships that blossomed, wounds that healed, relationship that grew. Remember also the hurts, the bad times, the wrong things done, the ill decisions made and learn from it.

So what happened on my first half? Let me think...

January: We spent the first day of the year without the man of the house. Fast forward 5 months later hubby got a work here in Pinas. Ironic isnt it? He spent his first away from us but he is meant to spend the entire days of his life with us save from his soon UK trip, arrrrgh Im sooo inggit.

It was also January when the measles scare broke and I was scared for Leb because he doesnt have vaccine for MMR. Well you know we wont give the kids MMR but since there was a scare, I had him vaccinated for measles only not those 3 in 1 vaccines that can cause permanent disorder (not claiming it was proven but I dont want to gamble the boy's future eh).

February: Vaccine for the Pets. It's a yearly thing that's why I find it useful to put it here so I can remember ;) Good thing the Vet do home service and better because he is Leah's (Leb's Ninang) nephew!

Also in February was Thea's team conference which her new Dev Ped Dr. Jack Herrin called. It was held so we could have our goals alligned and do some reporting too. The teachers and therapists were present, each with a report about how the lil girl faired. Its not cheap and it aint for the faint hearted. Good thing my husband was there with me. The meeting was held in our house and I felt robbed and punked. As if they are all pointing on me, each one were saying Thea complies with them etc.For an instance I want to tell them they only have an hour or two with Thea. And usually I, the one they are pointing the blame at, preps the lil girl before she goes to therapy or school so she would perform, act better. Because sayang the fee that I'll give them if she'll just cry the whole time noh. And an hour, an hour???, let me tell you that a day has 24 hours. Go figure.

Oh sorry it took a while for me to write about it I almost forgot it na nga but then this is clearly something to learn from, something I wouldnt do again hahaha. Unless, unless, the doctor will give me a report after of what shall be done because what I need is structure, a written planned course of what each of the team should and not do, a plan to coordinate each member and not 7 heads pointing to me that I need to do this and that. People whose attendance I need to pay.

March: Alvin's bday month! Planning ang pepping for Sweetwater outing with the whole Regalado gang. It was a blast as everyone was there and no one said they didnt have fun. Tatay Fred even commented that we should have stayed for a week, arrgh, maybe someday Tatay when every financial thing has been put in place :)  It was also this month when we acquired Elcie, meant for Alvin's bday, father's day, Christmas for 5 years! Ayan ha may gift ka na 5 years.

April: Guess where we went next? Eh di Sweetwater ulit, but this time with the Mariano peeps :) To the smaller house we went and we still had a grand time save from the neighbor who sung their heart out till past midnight. Seriously, if I get power I will ban videoke. Unless you own the whole place you cannot sing at the top volume not minding if other's people ears are already bleeding. But the singers woke up late naman so the morning was quiet and we all had peace. Everyone had fun too and swam, we even rented out a boat, well Tatay did for 200/hour, and we had fun rowing!
Last day of April, one of our kasambahay fainted on her way home. It was her last day with us. She wasnt tired at all (there's 3 of them in the house that time) and we bid farewell without bad feelings. She said "Di ko po kayo makakalimutan" and she was crying while bidding farewell to my son. Then we found out what happened before midnight and so we went to the hospital to help out. Apparently she had a stroke on her way home but there was no sign of it while she was with us. 3 weeks later she passed away. Very moving episode, life taken away so young. Make us value our lives more. 

May: The month when we got the news that Brunei is a no go. We asked for God's plan and this was His :)
 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8
--There are bigger and grander plans ahead and we are excited.

It was also swimming lesson month for our dear Thea, 10-day one on one lesson with Teacher Ethel. She had an eye infection on her first day, teary red eyed for days, maybe due to the children's pool where they practiced first, weewee filled pool I guess.2nd training day (2 days later) they moved to the other pool.  She was able to swim alright, no floater at 6feet lang naman at the end of the 10-day lesson ;)

I tried selling toasted pastillas too in May but got hmmm what's the appropriate word -- dejected? haha i dont know either, basta I'm not selling it na  "Tanungin ba naman ako if I gain from the transaction eh syempre naman", a little lang but yes :) But they're friends so let it be, will find na lang ng ibang pagkakakitaan. It wasn't easy though because that was the time I wanted to help out sana sa finances sa house (kahit maliit lang) and that's how I thought I could help, not a good idea hehe. So there.

May was also the Couple's retreat I blogged before this entry, that which renewed our marriage and many more.

That month I learned that you have to forgive. Forgiveness is a process, it will hurt you but it you wont give it it will make you sick. So forgive and let the wound/s heal, in time things will be better.

June: Alvin started working at this new company. Having my husband here with us daily is a blessing. Two heads are better than one, when one falls the other will lift him up. Not saying that we live in a fairy tale life huh, we got our ups and downs but since God is the center of the relationship its mostly ups, then down haha then up again. One step backward two steps forward is still onward eh?  It was also Father's month! And we are all glad that he's here with us finally every waking hours , errr except for some UK trips.

Oh half year how wast you flew. In a few days I'll hear "Pasko na Sinta Ko" oh men. But before that allow me to be thankful for all the people God used to bless us this half year. 

Thank you:

Siblings and parents and family - for being ever supportive to us. Extending your hand, time even resources to help us out. Thank you for your love to our little girl and to our unico hijo. Thank you for staying at our house when we needed people to sleep here. Thank you for lending us money when we needed it :) Thank you for your weekly visits for Leb and Thea. For the favors big and small we thank you.

Friends: Thank you for sending your kids to play with ours. You are a blessing. Thank you for sending out food- baked goodies and fruits. Thank you for inviting us in your home. 

Dgroup - We thank God for your life. For being patient to us as we try to learn His word more. Thank you for your time and for the treats too :) May we all grow in Christlikeness together.

Father we cannot thank you enough for the first half of this year. You are the God who provides, You have plans for us and it is always for our good. Thank you for bringing our family together this year. Thank you for guiding our marriage and for keeping our family safe. 
Please remind us always to be grateful and to be patient and humble. Teach us to know you more and love you more. Help us surrender our isaacs and to always put you first. Guard our hearts and mind. Help us be a blessing ;) 

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