Thursday, April 03, 2014

Our Family's Leader!

Sometimes you will just realize that things in your life has been perfectly orchestrated by your Creator in answer to your prayers.

I prayed for a husband who will love me and accept my family as is. I prayed for a man who will be strong to whom I can depend on. Someone who will take responsibility for our family's spiritual growth - a Christian and will be a good father to my children (back then I was thinking of the number 4, preference changed btw hahaha).

Before we got married, I had my list, that was during no bf days. (The guy must have read and and one day found the gap on his front teeth repaired, hahaha.)The nice teeth part is a criteria all right but that's not everything why I married him. We dated a lot, as in every night A LOT! Doesnt want to take chances eh? But really he's about to go abroad for work and he cant waste time. I was happy to have company but was scared to say yes to a relationship especially to an LDR. Also I came from a previous one and I dont want him to think he's just a rebound, besides I was like 27 then and the next relationship should be THE ONE.

Midweek service at Bread of Life Ministries in Greenbelt 1 helped me a lot to get myself going.  We were dating then and he asked if he could come. I said yes and was pretty much sizing him up if he's really doing it to seek Christ or if he is just doing it to please me. Sorry naman but I need to guard myself too. But  I remember Ate Mai told me years before tht if it will make someone know Christ, the initial reason for attending church wouldnt be an issue, - a bystander, sabit lang o naligaw doesnt matter, - as long as he will hear God's word and open his heart.

Here's a man who has received Christ as Saviour when we were still in college (not through me) the seed was there and bit by bit it grew, he met Christian friends -God led him to Christian programmer friend Dennis who told him to read the book of John-, some setbacks here and there but little by little he found himself searching.

Fast forward we got married had a baby, moved to Brunei and it was there where his spiritual life blossomed. Didnt I tell you I love Brunei??? There he was baptised, there he longed to hear His word and there his relationship with Jesus grew.

I thank God for a giving us a man who leads us to Him, who strives hard to understand His Word and keep it.

Yes, he's still a work in progress but aren't we all?

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