Monday, January 06, 2014

Goodbye 2013 :) Hello 2014!

Today's the second day of the new year.
Today's the fifth day of the year, was suppose to write something last January 2 but life took place so I'm writing now. Christmas season has come and gone without a proper post so here's a quick rundown of December highlights.

  • December 7 was "Girlfriends since Sunday School" Christmas get together. Who wouldnt have fun with these kulit girls and their minime's? Nin + Yayi, Udette + Eumie, Neng and Kuya Boy + Hobie and Tres, Ellen + Eram and Xyler plus one on the way
  • my little guy seems to have his eyes on Eumie girl hahaha
    • Dec 8 was with CI bacthmates to give back at an all-boy orphanage in Malolos 
    • Dec18 was Thea's Christmas big day at school and something big happened they left my kid at the room. I was upset, super upset that led me to write the guidance counselor to make the incident known. I am much better now, I plan to be more pro active next time and see to it that my little girl is taken best care of.   Here's part of my letter  
    Yesterday, I was in the front row camera-ready, eagerly waiting and praying that my child will participate. The SPED kids were already at the stage and my daughter was not. I was looking at her teachers to ask where she is but they aren’t looking at me so I went at the side of the stage to fetch her, thinking she was throwing a tantrum, but she wasn’t there. I ran to her Sped room and there she was alone in the room, no teacher nor aide to look at her. She was standing probably waiting for someone to fetch her, she looked at me and I took her immediately then we ran to the stage to catch the last minute of their number.
    how can they forget? yes, my heart still breaks each time I see this :(
     I was and still am upset that she was left with no supervision, a child should never be left like that, moreso a child with special needs. I know that the teacher had a hard time with my daughter and her hands are full that time, but that I still find insufficient to leave a child. 
    • Dec 20 I signed up Thea for the Habilities kids carolling, one of the mothers told me it would be fun ako naman sige try lang. After her therapy Thea's routine is to go home so she insisted to go to the car, carolling would be an hour later. I made her eat drink milk hoping and praying she'll sing. Time of carolling came and the girl doesnt want to go out of the car :) Dont want to force her so we followed the gang and was showing thea they are doing carolling. That didnt convince her a bit to join the group, we were convoying the carollers for like 5 houses on the 6th I said we tried na and went home hahaha. Well lets see next year maybe she'll join na!
    • Alvin was supposed to be here Dec 12- Jan 5, then sched changed to Dec 19 - Jan 7, then things changed again and finally he was on vacation Dec 19 - Dec 29 due to immigration visa chuchu
    • December 20 we went to DFA Robinsons Pampanga for Thea and mine's passport. We were through after 20 minutes, thank you to Thea's PWD card. Speaking of passport, it still hasnt arrived.
    • December 21 was family bonding time at the newly opened even still smells cement Robinsons Malolos. The kids had fun at the train and cart, no big play area yet but that's good enough na for us at least we dont have to go to SM Pamp to take Thea out.
    • December 24 was prep day for Christmas! Prepped the meal in the morning because the yaya's will leave at noon then relax na after. Mariano fam exchange gift at 5-6pm then 6:30 naman ang Regalado's. 
    changed my FB's profile pic to this! each year we have a picture near the tree but the tree's trunk was broken, I just dont know if I will change the tree next year let's see :)

    A very merry Christmas to your family from ours!

    • Dec 25 Christmas Day lunch is at Frances with the extended Mariano family then afternoon we were supposed to visit a friend but on the way he wasnt replying so we just headed home and peaceful Christmas it was.
      Pink team for Christmas reunion 2013. lower left pic we were shouting coz Kuya got 99 sa videoke
    • Dec 26-28 was our post Pasko getaway at Tagaytay and it was GREAT!!! Yes, Pagod, pagod si alvin, but it was really awesome. A blog for that hopefully soon
    • love Tagaytay
      • Dec 29 Alvin had to go back to Brunei. Me and the kids came to send him off, heartbreaking it was because the kids are extra clingy to their dad. Thea was hugging and kissing him on the way to the airport.
      • how can it not break your heart
      • Then its New Year and all three of us were sleeping! Uhhhm make that the two of them are sleeping while I tap the boy because the loud bang of fireworks wakes him up. But syempre before the New year fireworks Mariano fam went to our house to keep us company and welcome 2014 with us!
        Happy New Year everyone!

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