Wednesday, May 16, 2007

long live jumong!!!

I simply love Jumong, or the actor who played it, hehe.

Here are some of the reasons
1. Foremost, syemps, is his chinky eyes!!! Ang cute di ba? Or is it just a personal preference? Hmmmm Hmmmm?
2. Jumong said "father, pls don't blind my eyes from hate". whoa, what a line! If everyone will do that, what a happy place would the world be!
3. He's close to his mom pero hindi sya spoiled! Haha, too good to be true. Kaya nga I love him noh?
4. He talks very briefly and thinks long before making a hard decision. A man should always be like that. Their girl counterpart can do much of the talking. nyehe
5. When he looks at you, he seems so sincere. i love this guy!
---How to make me fall in love with you, just learn how to do that look while Im talking and you will win me for sure. Just make sure you will not scare me.(haha, now that's the hard part)---

Then I wish I can be like SoSeoNo

In love she was once impulsive,(ehem I know someone like her),but has grown mature and learned that emotions are not always necessary to follow. There are things that we have to set aside to conquer more meaningful and more important things.
She had prioritized her responsibilities over personal matters. Although she loves Jumong she could not make her clan and children suffer.

Aaaaw, when will I be able to do that? Haaay, marriage can wait, can it? I still have lots of things to do for my family and myself. Dreams that I may not accomplish if I get married soon. Besides I am still 27 and there's 3 more years to spare. Hehe, children have to wait. Too many a times I couldnt help think what my offspring would look like. Haha, oh yeah babies have to wait. Besides, responsibility of raising a kid is not easy at all right? So why hurry?

Last, teach me not to be like Daesu nor his mother

His mother taught him to keep the dagger in his heart, that way the pain and hate he felt will remain until the day of vengeance.

How sad, many people would do anything to stay in power or to have power. May I know not to be greedy and how to forgive wholeheartedly. Amen.

what it takes to be gwapo:
Be like Jumong!
ok, kidding

here's is my gwapo meter:

1. Kung malinis ka sa katawan naliligo araw-araw at nagtutoothbrush regularly, gwapo ka. Hygiene is important. TO ang BO at BB. ( turn off ang body odor at bad breath)
2. Nice teeth. Nice eyes. I am keen to nice teeth. Ewan ko kung bakit. I like it clean and white. To die for ang cute eyes. Jumong eyes' the best. Though my first super crush has these brown expressive eyes, its as if he speaks even if he doesnt talk. Ok lng din.
3. I don't like super big Arnold Swazenneger (i dont know the spelling) muscles. It scares me. He just need to be fit, though I extremely welcome nice abs =P
4. Got to have a good rest, diet and exercise habit.
5. Snoring is prohibited. If you do snore please let me sleep first.

1. Knows how to have solitude, how to laugh (it keeps us healthy) and knows how to recreate (meaning: not boring)
2. Can cry if need be and knows how to make good advise
3. Assertive. Meaning he knows what he wants and acts upon it (in a good way, that is). Weak men, turns me off.
4. Should not feel insecure if the girl eventually earns more.

1. Talks and walks the faith. Must know what he believes in and keeps it.

Good Moral Character:
1. needs to be vouched by a trusted friend, by one of my family members and my pastor

if you aced them all: GWAPO ka.
kung hindi baka gwapo ka sa measurement ng iba =p
kung hindi pa rin, gumawa ka ng sarili mong measurement

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