Thursday, July 24, 2014

Respond don't React

I did this to our wall the other day.

We'll have a new TV and me wants it to be mounted on the wall. So I did this genius idea, NOT!

I was pretty  impressed with it, I even sent a photo to my husband. I felt I  was helping scale the wall  so it would be easier for the hubby to mount the telly. I did look at the tape first, it isnt as sticky as the other tape with decor i plan to put first . The scotch  tape wont be do any good because  it cant be seen - was I so wrong.

This morning I tried taking it off, hubby was there just looking in at first. I had a notion that the electric  tape might have damaged the wall, alas, it did. It scraped  the paint and stress is creeping  in and I almost want to cry. Hubby was just quiet and smiling.

Actually, the moment he saw the picture on his viber message, he knew  what will happen to the wall but it was done and reacting wont help a bit so he didnt react :) 

When he saw my rising agony he stood up and helped me took the tape off with minimal damage to the wall. But I was more thankful that he didnt blame me one bit. I, in my low point, even said it wouldn't  have been like that if he has mounted the TV right away. And that if he told me right away we would have lessened the damage. My reaction  was immature, something  I  haven't  thought of carefully.  I hurt my husband but he kept on helping me take the tape off with patience. He was pretty  much responding  the right way and I was doing the opposite.  Blaming and not  accepting  responsibility  is very very low and downright foolish.

Proverbs 29:11
A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

My journey toward building my Automatic Habitual Christlike Response is still long but with the help of my dear husband and the grace of God, I will one day know how not to react and how respond correctly. So we are all work in progress aren't we? Hmmm so many things to learn yet thankful that there are people whose patience is worth acknowledging, like this man waiting for me at the nearby coffeehouse.

The dear husband on our date last Tuesday.
 The title of this post came from one of the messages we have listened from church. Do click the link below and let's all learn how to Respond properly. God bless us!

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