Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#31 of 31

He is a great Husband!

How great you ask? I can't even measure. His love will make you thank GOD over and over.

To my favorite guy, my greatest blessing (along with thea), my very special love, my hero, my hearthrob: HAPPY __st BIRTHDAY! May God bless you thousandfold. Me and lil Thea love you much much.

and since it's the last of the 31 series of things I heart about you let's enumerate each one:
1.he makes me feel stronger
2.he watches jologs movies
3.he's a great dad
4.he believes in me
5.he has a big heart
6.he doesnt swear
7.he's my hearthrob!
8.he's spontaneous
9.he cooks
10.he gives me "ME" time
11.he sings
12.he appreciates
13.he gives his 101%
14.he takes us to new places
15.he listens
16.he creates a happy home
17.he updates me about work
18.he knows me
19.he doesnt shout
20.he's our hero
21.he carries thea
22.he respects
23.he's COOL
24.he excels
25.he keeps me whole
26.he embraces my flaws
27.he's my best friend
28.he communicates
29.he's the handsomest Birthday Boy on the 29th
30.he dances
31.he is my superdeeduper husband, who I love to the bones.

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