Friday, March 12, 2010

#12 of 31

He appreciates the food that I prepare!

Wahoo, syemps pag di nya yun naappreciate wala gugutumin sya. Nah, he really does and if the food doesnt taste good enough for me he doesnt complain. He will just tell me to try again next time. In fairness I was able to cook good sinigang and kare kare, the only dish I doesnt wanna try to cook again is nilagang baka, it takes so much time to prepare tapos masebo pa. Next time na lang din siguro sa Pinas kasi may pressure cooker dun.

Here's his shoutout yesterday about our merienda!
Alvin Regalado : carbonara espesyal courtesy of my gorgeous wifey..solved!

I love the adjective for the wifey! nyahah
Cheers to more yummy dishes =D

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