Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#30 of 31

He dances and sings for Thea!

His repertoir varies from walts and swing, to jollibee and backyardigans dance! And when he does dance, he's all out 'walang kyeme'!

Yesterday, I heard him singing "Are you lonesome tonight?", I didnt bother disturb them because it was really nice hearing them bond. From Thea's smile when I enterned the room I know the little girl loves being close to his dad.

Alvin can really do everything for the little girl, be it a simple song or a crazy dance just to please Thea. And for that here's a yummy cupcake for you >

extra: I made this cake yesterday. And though he is sad to admit it, yeah he turned 31.
doesnt look appetizing, hehehe. but it's the pawis that counts!

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