Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#17 of 31

He updates me about his work loads.

Now I know what is ".Net", how boring documentation is, and the pressure of rush programming projects. It feels nice to know how my husband is doing in his work even if I'm not physically there. It is great to hear that his colleagues trust him and acknowledges his work.

Sadly some of his colleagues thinks he is superman and can do all their request in just one click, darn? It is not like that at all man.

it's been days since i declared no picture day, i have this bad mouth ulcer a size of my pinky's nail. HUGE for a mouth sore, yeah right! Alvin said I look like I had botox, I cant smile properly because it hurts. My already chubby cheeks had become chubbier therefore I declare that the no picture day is still on till this heals. PERIOD.

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