Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Malay Wedding Experience

Here's a glimpse of what a Malay wedding look like!

Shah & Yuna's Wedding

The girls are seated separately from the boys so I was in charge with our cutie big girl. The ceremony was not short and we're in a tent under the scorching sun at 12noon to past 1pm. But all in all, it was a fun experience besides it is not everyday that a Malay friend marries =D So cheers to Shah and Yuna! Congrats and Best Wishes

photo op with the slim bride and the ever smiling groom

the musicians, what do we call that? kulintang ba yun, nyay nakalimutan ko na!

this is where the ceremony took place. di namin yun nakita andun kami sa rows and rows of tent sa labas ng house waiting for the Makan Time nyaha

the first photo was the long walk to the venue, the second was after the Makan and when everybody left the tent instantaneously may take out pa! wahoo

thea had lots of admirers already??? waaah... nah they just want to watch backyardigans with her

We had loads of fun!

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