Tuesday, March 02, 2010

#2 of 31

He watches movies with me even if it means He has to watch jolog tagalog films!

Pero maganda naman talaga ang A Very Special Love di ba? Seriously though, it takes much love and respect to make a man watch mushy movies with you. He's not a convert, he still loves sci fi films that I dont usually like but which I am now beginning to appreciate =D

Cheers to more love story and sci-fi DVDs. Oh I wish we could get a copy of "Dear John' and "Salt".

extra: me and thea at the Billionth Barrel Monument here in Seria. It's near the beach so its windy wapoise ang hair and Thea needs to hold me kasi mahangin, as if naman tatangayin sya eh ang laki laki nya hahaha. love you anak mwaaaah

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