Friday, April 02, 2010

Our short Pinas Vacay

we started it with a splash in the pool with ate lalah's kids and nanay!
after the swim the kids told me we should do that again next time, yep they did have fun!

a trip to pinas wont be complete without a starbucks coffee! and another discovery was pepper lunch... yumminess really

a fun fun time with a girlfriend made this vacation special! looking forward to more girl time with you bunz =D

had to take time to meet my friends in EDC i soooo miss them! i took thea along pero wala sya sa pic, busy paglakad sa resto.

but ofcourse i should have a date with my favorite guy! we could only do that in Pinas where a yaya is available hehehe!

bonded with the beauties too at 'whereelse' bahay na tisa! sayang ninin wasnt there to bond with us it would have been twice fun!

then minette took some pics of me at the coffee house we went after the dinner! thanks cuz

at 9:30pm thea got sleepy and asked for mommy's hug!

day after that dinner and coffee night we're headed back to the airport na. it was short but we did had a great time. thanks to all of you.

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