Thursday, March 04, 2010

Photoshop Element

I discovered that Rouge has a built in Adobe Photoshop Element (PSE). PSE is different from Photoshop. Google has so many ways on differentiating the two but in short the PSE is for non-pro while PS is for pro. The tools in PSE are a lot more easier to understand than PS, so they say, hehe I wouldnt know coz I havent tried PS yet.

Here's the link for the in-depth discussion about PSE and PS.

As for me, I will use the PSE because that's what available. Here's my first ever photoshopped or should I call it elemented picture:

Oh well, I can't make another one now because the princess is dragging me to the bed because its already nap time. Hush hush, later I will make another one when she falls asleep. That's it for now.

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