Sunday, March 14, 2010

#14 of 31

He takes us to new places.

Whether here in Brunei or nearby Malaysia or Singapore or Bangkok (HOPEFULLY).

A week ago he took us to E1, no not ewan (that's a joke silly). It's the gateway to Panaga Beach! We took several pictures only to realize I didnt bring the cybershot's SD meaning we could only take 5 pics max with the camera. Good thing I have my 8.1 megapixel phone camera =P we were able to take Sunset pictures that I sooo love. Now if only there's a mini DSLR that we can buy those on store are so big I dont want that maybe next time pag may nakainvent na ng maliit bibili na ko ni hubby yahoo!

note to DH, i wrote this last week when we havent gone to the fair yet =D

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