Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Gift

Last 2009 I celebrated my birthday in Brunei, that was my first birthday as mommy nyem, I baked and had my two wonderful gifts with me - my daughter and my husband.
2010 we went to Miri, not exactly on my day itself but we went there just because I asked hubby and even though it took us 2 hours on the border to had our passports chopped it didnt matter because we all have each other and we got food hehe!
This year is different than the two previous years because we are here in Pinas, Calumpit to be exact and nyemnyem is very happy! I blogged here that I wanted baking pans for my birhtday and pans galore I had!
Baker Secret Muffin Pan from Ate Mai
Saturday before my birthday i got a call from Ate Mai and asked me what pan do I like, I said muffin pan, black. After a few minutes she called again, no black pans available just the gray ones, I said it is okay because actually I didnt know the difference hahaha! Then she said black pala is for professional churvaloo ;p Anyhoo, the pan is exactly what I need for my cupcake tower, a project for a friend's wedding. Reminds me to start practicing and googling the finest frosting :)
Pans from Ate Vi!
August 28, Sunday I met Ate Vi she wants to talk about our house project so I met her and told her about our dreamhouse project and the nightmares that go with it hehehe. Bits of what we talked about: contractor can get 1/3 of the whole contract price, doing it yourself naman will get most of your time, finishing is expensive :) Before she went home she gave me a bag with presents in it, at once I knew what those are. Got home and I opened them to see 3 pans for me, yey yey yey!!!
Got brownie pan too from Ate Lalah then I bought some more muffin pans for myself. The cupcake tower rack I bought is for 46 ( i think) cupcakes so I needed more pans.
Night of 28th we went to Gerry's to have a family dinner for my birthday. WHen was the last time we went our for dinner for my birthday, I cant remember either. So this is super special for me, a dinner for myself.
Here is the only picture I took before the camera's battery died :P

So we got no choice but to use our celphones camera
the kids having fun time with the iced tea dispenser
dinner with family care of husband
August 31 Wednesday at 12 noon Hubby's gift came. It got 4 wheels, is black and is automatic :D Thank you thank you! Today I drove it and I got bloopers like all first timers had. No worries sweetheart wala pa namang gasgas :p

Another year has ended another year to start. Dear God, please make me the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that I could be. Help me be a blessing to others. Thank you sooo much Lord for my family, my parents, my siblings, nephews and nieces. But most especially Lord thank you for the most special gifts: my husband and thea, most precious presents in the world!

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