Thursday, August 04, 2011


Was canvassing ovens for some time now for my fabulous (yes I will keep on dreaming and you cant stop me) kitchen. I have been going back to SM appliance center and have been eating my heart out over this ELBA 61x631G free standing cooker.

stainless steel surface 18/10
3 gas burners, 1 hotplate

gas oven
gas grill

60cm L x 60cm D

Yep, I did looked at La Germania and the other brands, but this makes my heart happy. It is 60x60 which is bigger than my first oven which the fire took story here

What made me more excited was that Connie Veneracion, the woman behind Home Cooking Rocks uses the same brand! I only happen to remember because her blog today is how to clean ovens - which I need to know too.

We purchased ours last Sunday and it will be delivered this week! Excited much to bake some fabulous cakes :D

If only I have baking pans to bake my cakes to (the fire took all of them). I need square and round pans and cookie cutters too! Did I say that my birthday is August? Hi Tita Mai! Hehehe :D

Wish Wish Wish.


vi said...

it is also used in most culinary schools

em said...

talaga ate vi? yey, i am even more excited! Pans na lang ang kulang, wanna donate? hehehe

ivymarasigan said...

id like an ELBA gas range, too. dream ko din magkaron nyan. hopefully soon :)

vi said...

what pans u want? yung kaya lang ng budget ko ha. same pa rin ba ang cp # mo? have not changed mine.

ate mai said...

hi nyem nyem, it's been a while since i last visited your site...ym doesn't show anymore if you have a newer post..the last one shown was
anyway, your request has been heard even before you've asked for it, as everytime we are at robinsons' metroeast, i would see this store ( for baking supplies ) and wonder what nyem nyem would like as a gift for her birthday and house blessing as well.
haven't seen the prices tho...and my yah sis!

em said...

@IVY - i bet you'll get it soon. Tapos turuan mo si Gabbie how to bake :)

@ate vi - ayiy na-shy naman ako bigla dun. Just give me whatever you think is nice. Miss ko na kayo - though Id rather be a sahm than work still super miss ko na kayo!

@ate mai - yey, thank you thank you naman! muffin pans, round or rectangle pans. anything basta baking pan. Btw, the YM thing has been discontinued ewan kung bakit.

The oven was delivered last Saturday! Yey!

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