Saturday, September 24, 2011

Project Dreamhouse at Wordpress :D

I know right? It's been a while since my last post and I even promised to make a blog about revisions.
Reason 1: Running errands for last minute preparation for the house blessing
Reason 2: I was having fun driving! I told yah, automatic cars are stress free. Clutches, Primera, Segunda, Tertiera, Quatra and Quinta drive me nuts.
Reason 3: The reason above all these is WE MOVED! Yey! well we havent finished moving everything yet to our new address, it might take months haha!

But this post is about my other blog at wordpress :D I called it project dreamhouse, because really it is! I started it last January 2010 but never came back until recently.

Good thing Wordpress now got new features for bloggers like me. I found it difficult to maneuver before but now it's as easy a ABC! It has a new jquery slideshow plugin!

The new SlideDeck is more convenient too. Since coding is not really easy for everyone it's nice that a simple click can make blogging easy for us :D

Here's the link of my wordpress blog click here. In case you want to to make your own wordpress account just click wordpress. Happy blogging everyone! Mwaaah.

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