Thursday, September 08, 2011

House Construction 101 - Part1

April 4, 2011 Start of construction of our dreamhouse project. But all of it didnt really began there, it began with the conceptualization of the design.

First you need someone to draw your house, I suggest you find your trusted architect to do the job or the known draftsman who drew almost all the houses in your area someone who they will vouch for, because everything will start on this crucial task.

The architect will ask you the lot plan and vicinity map, you'll get it from your subdivision engineer. Then they will have to visit the site, they need to look where the sun will strike best in the morning or set in the afternoon.

If you have a peg for your dreamhouse show it to the architect right away. But if you want him to surprise you and show you his design just tell him everything that you want your house to have. Do you want a gym, a bar, a 2-car garage, a closed kitchen, a wooden staircase, library, shoe closet, walk in closet, lanai? Just tell him and let him do the job.

This is our sala and dining peg. This is a mansion hehe so its quite huge ours is only 4x7ft.
For our bedroom we wanted something like this, it's from a hotel we stayed in Miri. Far right there's a hall that leads to a walk-in-closet sort-of then to the bathroom.

If budget is an issue, as it is always, I suggest you do your homework. Cut-out pegs from magazine, look here, here and here and a lot more - you just need to befriend google. Put them on a drawing board and "imagine", seriously! I draw ours in excel. The engineer I once asked to comment understood it naman since it has scale and labels. Imagineering at its finest!

Part 2 - Drawing revisions and more revisions

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