Thursday, September 01, 2011

Birthday Blog 2011

Foremost, my thank you's to all who texted, called and FB'd me during and even after my day.
Text greetings came from Nanay A, Ate Lalah and kids, Roseline, Nanay E and Tatay,Udette, Chie,Noreen, Lea, Ate Melda, Tita Cely, Ninin, Ate Vi, Ate Leng, Ate Mai and Tita Myr.
FB friends greets too, thank you Edward, Rodney, Ellen, Ate Levs, Victor, Angel, Udette, Bim, Rhea, Ate Liezl, Gaye, Inets, Leah, Nic, Third, Ghet, Lai, Aran, Apple, Kap, Bunz, Jenny, Ate Liria, Jean, Jenny B., Tina, Moppet, maan, Rose and Rodilyn for remembering.
The little girl did her classic way of greeting mommy on her special day, she woke up before 1am and slept at 4! Husband gave me a big hug and a kiss too but the little girl gets jealous hehe and daddy needs to go to office so he slept around 1:30.
Me and thea got to rest up to 9 and 9:30 I think. Got chores to do so I need to wake up before her because the day is a big day! I dont have special dish on the table just the petit mocha cheesecake I prepared the day before (ooops have I shared that I've been baking again lately?).
12 noon my Aunt came to deliver Alvin's gift (ill reveal it on the next blog), and we went out to fix it up to 1pm. Then Ate lah came and greets me with K.Glen, Kiel, Ate be and the preggy Joy!
Nothing much happened during the rest of the afternoon as I just waited for Daddy to come home excited for our date. So night came and Alvin knocked at our room with flowers on his hand saying "Pwede pong manligaw?" Ayiy!

Minutes later, me, alvin and thea were on the road. Hubby's tummy is acting already - he's hungry na. So I decided to just grab food at Cabanas but when we got there Thea doesnt want to go out. We went back on the road and decided to eat at McDo instead. I said McDonalds and Thea said DO DO DO! It was like our Brunei excapade last year dont you think? We were dressed and all but Thea doesnt want to go inside the resto so we just ate at the table near the parking lot! That doesnt mean we didnt have a grand time on my night, we did. Hubby ate his mcdo meal and I ordered fries for the princess and cafe latte for me. Happy birthday to me!

Having spent my day with my two special loves made my day wonderful!

Love Love Love

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