Monday, February 01, 2010


Oh I am watching Grammy's right now! I am soooo loving it and I want to watch it live but for now I wanted to watch it in a new big TV because this little TV here (which the Landlady owns) is just not so good for these kind of show.

It doesnt have to be as grand as this Samsung 55" LED TV that costs $11,088 at qqestore

this sony 32" LCD will do, its only $758! again at qqestore

but yeah the samsung can perfectly fit at the living room of our dreamhouse

back to Grammy's: I super love Taylor Swift, she rocks! She won 4 awards! taylor swift fab gown at grammy's

Beyonce rocks too with her 6 trophy's she now holds a record for having this much in a single night!

COngrats Queen B and Princess T!

watch Grammy's on Star World!

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