Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project dreamhouse: build a house in the Philippines

I have this big dream to build a house in the Philippines. In the 192 sqm lot in La Residencia to be exact. Thing is, we are not in Pinas to build our house and it is such a headache to meet contractors via online, meeting them in person is the a better option. That's the reason why we are now contemplating whether we'll build a house or buy na lang.

Build a House
-we'll have the preferred house that we want
here's the floor plan project dreamhouse plan
- we'll have a garden (the BIG one) which is exactly what i want
- i'll have the BIG kitchen, perfect for me!
- the open living and dining
in short everything is US because it's our house
-it's in Calumpit meaning near the relatives

-it's in Calumpit meaning near the relatives - oh yeah i am not mistaken, being near the relatives has its pro and cons and if you are Filipino I bet you'd understand that
-real estate in the province depreciates faster than in Manila
-no one will live on it (yet)

Buy a house
- no more headache due to construction
- if we buy a house in Manila, we could rent it out while we arent in the country yet( yep there's a prob there too but money wise PRO yan)
- if we go back to Pinas we'll work in Manila, a house nearby would be convenient plus toll would be high if we'll have to go home pa sa Calumpit
- the house is not the house we wanted
- its expensive to buy a house in Makati, FOrt or Pasig unless we'll settle for a condo which is pre-sellin still

I am beginning to have a headache. I will have to pause first and THINK, PRAY and HOPE that at the end of the day (say year 2010) we'll still have our own house to celebrate new year at.

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