Thursday, February 25, 2010

Byahe Tayo!

I know there's a bunch of holidays coming in Pinas and they're like 5 days for holy week. I bet people in Manila has tons of plans for the coming 5-day holiday! How I wish Brunei celebrates Holy Thursday and Friday too. One friend is going to KK after which they will head to Jakarta and 2 other cities I forgot what.
If I were in Manila here are some places I'd like to go.

1st on the list is Camayan Beach Resort in Subic See that sunset? How lovely aint it? ANd it is in Subic, dun lang sobrang lapit sa Bulacan. Tara na!

2nd will be Corregidor. My family has gone there already and I am soooo inggit I wanna go there too and take tons of pics para sila naman inggitin ko nyahaha! You can stay there overnight and scare yourself =P or just have a day tour and be back at Manila by 5pm. Cool di ba?

3rd on the list is Villa Escudero it is in Tiaong Quezon thus you can go back again to Manila if you feel like driving if not you can stay there overnight and be with nature a little longer. Hopefully walang masyadong mosquito hehehe.

4th This place needs planning as you can't go there by land you had to fly then a yatch will take you to their place. It is so private and will make you feel you're in Santorini! Rates however is 20+k therefore you need to save too for the trip that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for a 3day 2 nights stay. However plane fare is still excluded. So where in the world is this fab place? Bellaroca is in the heart of Marinduque!

It's the Muhammad's birthday tomorrow! wahoo - NO WORK ulit!!!
I wonder where can we go?

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llama's journal said...

Ang ganda naman ng Camayan Beach Resort.

Pa link naman po ng blog ko oh. About Camayan beach Resort ung post ko.. Para sa summer seo ko. Thanks!

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