Thursday, February 04, 2010

ME time

My hands smells like 'clorox' because I need to clean the sink, I didnt want to see these dark spots but then I should have had worn gloves =P

My shirt smells like baked cupcakes. My hair smells like sauteed ginger, garlic, onion plus tomatoes, chicken and tamarind soup in short I smell like 'sinampalukang manok'.

I hear the hotdog dance by Mickey mouse and friends, I could listen to Beyonce but nah the kid wont like that besides I like the hotdog dance just the same! It's a great exercise too.

I watch 'Backyardigans' instead of the "Tayong Dalawa" DVD's I have 70 episodes more to watch. Well, David Garcia Jr can give way to Tasha, Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone and Austin!

In between all these, EM still find some ME time. Mine comes when I am in front of johny (the laptop), blogging. ME time = blogging time. Being a SAHM can be a chore sometimes, a chore that you'll get bored if you don't find time to be just yourself. Last year ME time spells B O O K. Problem is when I read books I get to travel to another dimension so when I need to go back to mommy mode ASAP it's a little hard to come back to the real mommy needs to wipe poop or mommy needs to cook life.

If I could only post a picture of me and thea this very moment, she watching Tasha and me blogging! We share johnny and the little girl doesnt mind. It may be a little hard to type with only one hand but darn its harder when you lose yourself in the midst of doing your mommy work. So multi-task if I should, because being a MOMMY doesnt mean I have to let go being ME!

Happy day everyone! God bless you and may He leads you to the path He wants you to be. Mine is staying here with the little girl and her handsome dad!

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