Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gong Xi Gong XI

Wishing everybody good health, good wealth and a good relationship to their loved ones and to God!

(i did not intend to make it a photo album hehehe but memories are best described by pictures. so there, enjoy!)

So many things had happened and here are some of the highlights:

I was elated(actually I still am) when I read (at facebook stat)that Kap's Abby is now preggo! Yahoo!!! Let's all pray for a safe nine months for Mommy Abby and the little baby. Babies really make me happy.

Our little girl had so much fun in the water at Eastwood Country Club at Miri Malaysia yesterday. Good thing that there werent much guest in the club and the pool is not crowded. We enjoyed it as if we rented it for ourselves. Thanks to Caloy for introducing the place to us we really enjoyed it and your company too.

My sweethearts having fun at the pool

Picture taken on a hill! Love it when you have photographer friends around! Thanks Joey =D

We celebrated our Valentines at Empire Hotel for a lovely dinner near the beach. Empire is pretty with the colorful parasols upside down from the ceiling.

And oh, I had a pretty rose and a box of chocolate from the hubby. BUt the bestest Valentine gift is this nyahaha, nah this is for THea. So she can watch Mickey or Tasha or Barney in a big monitor. We love you sweetheart and yes, we know you like it.

The MWF exercise hasnt been exactly an MWF thing, sometimes it's MF or WF, sometimes we can only exercise at F. Atleast we still go to the park to walk, run or basket ball! partly for thea to lose some weight hehehe

and lastly, johnny (the laptop) is in ICU. he had a major shock when he fell on the floor so now he doesnt boot. i am using goobly (don't laugh you silly i do name our laptops). i dont know if johnny will still resurrect it has been 3 days and he hasnt woke up yet nyahaha, lapit na maglenten season thing is wala nun dito sa brunei =P

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