Thursday, February 25, 2010

welcome ROUGE

Comment allez-vous?
Pas mal, merci.
Et vous?

Uhmmm that's French. I dont even know if I am pronouncing it right. Translation in English is at the end of this post. I am Filipino but I dont want to name my new toy "PULA" so pardon my Frechies - haha parang french fries!

Everybody please welcome the newest member of the group
ROUGE isn't she pretty? Oh my she is fabulous and fast and mine! Wahaha!

Cheers to years of friendship. May you be healthy always as you were today. May no virus attack you forever and ever =p Thank you to my dear husband for this gorgeous red Sony Vaio CW26. Mwaaah <3

Here's the English translation
How are you?
Not bad, thanks.
And you?

bunny you were absolutely right, my new pal is RED as in bloody RED loveit!

ROUGE is red in French as in Moulin Rouge which literally mean "Windmill Red"

Not to be mistaken as Rogue the X-men character.
ROUGE is pronounced /roozh/
ROGUE is /rog/ with long 'o'

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