Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Decade New Things

New things to learn:
1. DRIVE a car
2. BAKE a fabulous, mouth watering, "cant wait for the next serving" cake =D
3. BUSINESS to run, hopefully I could start one within the first quarter of the decade =)
4. A SPORT to bring the 27" back hahaha

New things to acquire
1. DREAMHOUSE - the dream hopefully will turn into reality this year (oh please Lord)
2. PEARL earrings, the 'boinga' party earrings hahaha
3. CAR in Pinas - well of course this one comes after paying all the bills for the dreamhouse hahaha
4. PARTY DRESS so fabulous that they will have to look twice nyaha

1. Blogs and blogs that earn (oh yeah!)
2. Girlfriends - party, movies, spa and coffee whew iniimagine ko pa lang nangingiti na ko!
3. Baby boy mga 2 years pa siguro =p
4. Trip to some place new - yearly, ok ok fine after the house pwede na ba?

Didnt imagine thinking of new things would be tough hahaha. But yeah these are some of the major things I want to have this decade.

extra: my little girl is holding her snow white book a while ago and looks pretty intent reading it, naka kunot noo pa kunwari hahaha! such a joy to see. ok na sana kaso baligtad yung book hahaha
(written last jan17 posted only today feb 8 darn)

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