Monday, January 25, 2010

New Link


A new link is added at the quilts list on the right side of this blog. Check it out.
This girl rocks, and with her three cutie and rowdy boys i bet she rolls too just to keep up with the demands especially of the little bosses, Zach and Dirk!
Buti na lang she was a former Asiana FA, her training prepared her to the wonderful roller coaster mommy of two boys life. Her views in life as a mom, a supportive wife and a new entrepreneur will make you wait for her next blog.

Here's a pic of her two kulets I grabbed (stole would probably fit better) at her Facebook account:
zach and Dirk

Just continue rocking and rolling mommy bunny =D You're handling it well. AJA!

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BUNZ said...

Hey gorgeous mommy! **hugs to you! >:D<
im touched!.. my pleasure to see my name appear on your post..! and the cutie boys too!
keep posting entries ha..:D

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