Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Clutter Please

There is Time for everything under the sun - Ecclesiates 3

Hence, there should also be a room for everything hehe. By everything I mean -clothes, shoes, books, groceries, linen, kitchen stuff, tools, even the iron board and walis should have its own place. We are still thinking what to do with hubby's bike, maybe we'll hang it to save space.

The husband likes a medyo-zen inspired theme, may medyo kasi hindi sya black and white, more like brown and white nga eh. This zen thing is about the design, we wanted it to be calm and well lighted, the design books calls it that so zen it is.

Problem is we had accumulated a lot of stuff and we are but three in the family. Declutter to the max alert. 5S activate. seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. Well whatever that means 5S. All I know is that when they say 5S we have to sort and clean up our desk to provide room for new things. Garage sale is highly probable.

Since jap style nga, we want to make the place simple pero rock! I dont like big jars, tiny figurines and big flower vases with big flowers crowding the rooms. Please please make the mothers know that we dont like big jars/flower vases as gift lest it might break their heart if we dont use it.

I am really hoping for a lucresia plant gift from friends, hi udette!!! Also, it is my wish that none will gift us horse shoe, charms, an octagon mirror and the like. I firmly believe that if I entrust to God our house we wouldnt need anything else to protect it from evil forces.

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