Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SUNOG April 10,2011

My story:
2:15am Margie, my sister's help, opened our bedroom door and said "May SUNOG". I am having goosebumps while writing this.

I immediately got up, carried Thea and run down the stairs "braless". My baby was crying obviously from waking her up,when we reached the street I started screaming Sunog which made her cry more. The fire was not huge then, it was still in the backyard where the caimito tree was (twas the first to hit fire I think) and it was still far back (i thought) I gave Thea to Margie and went back to get her milk container and, I am shy to say this, I took my folder with our passport and important docs. When I went down the fire has already hit our Tito's old house, the fire was already huge and smoke was big.

I took thea to Kuya's car, there we prayed and ask for help. Asked for firefighters to come asap, asked that no one will get hurt, and gave thanks because all of us were safe. We all got out of the house on time. After a while we went inside our Tito's new house opposite ours and found safe refuge. I took Thea upstairs and tried to make her sleep to no avail.

Fire truck came 30 mins later, Tito's house was burning madly. Our kitchen was not spared so is thea's playroom. The fire was really fast, Good thing we had firewall so the fire wasnt able to get inside the house immediately.

I wasnt able to get a good look at it because I am taking care of my little girl who is on my arms crying. My eyes were hurting and I think the lil girl's eyes were hurting too. Better story from Kuya Khyl and Ate Mai the first ones whe sensed there was a fire.

Here are some pics captured to let us remember that day.

If there is an equipment doing all work during fire it was this, my oven thermometer. By the way, my oven was gone and all my baking stuff.

Mikelle's fone was inside the playroom, so sadly her fone is gone too. I tried taking out the sim but it's stuck.

The clock in the sala, "Full of hopes and dreams" it says. Would you believe its still working?

We've moved to my MIL house since 10th, we still dont have electricity to this day. I hope the Meralco guy will come today, please please please.
Lots of stories to tell but got no time. I will post when possible.
In the end, we just thank thank thank God that everyone is safe. :D

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Nicole said...

I know that this is rather late, but I just read this now.

So sorry about your house Em. You were right to get the documents out because those will be much harder to replace. My parents have a bag containing all the certificates that way, in case something happens, they can just grab it and go. Your post has just reminded me that we also have to do the same thing.

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