Friday, August 26, 2011


Ouchy, I happen to have the most incredibly stubborn and biggest 'singaw' (mouth ulcer) in the world haha exag, but yeah it is that big that I couldnt smile enough because my gums will hurt.

I discovered Pyralvex when I still had dentures and mouth ulcers abound because of it. And when that happens I just go to the dental clinic and ask the dentist to put some on the sore gums. Eventually i had to buy myself a bottle since dyahe na to go to the dentist often.

Last week I had this mega mouth ulcer and Bactidol just wont do. So there, if you had gums like mine that grows stubborn ulcers you might want to try this product. This is not a paid advertisement, just me sharing it to you because its really hard to wear a smile when it literally pains you.


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