Saturday, August 20, 2011


have u heard about it yet? There's a new tv-musical that is truly asian! And the best part is two of our own recording artists topbills the show, Christian and Karylle!
"THE KITCHEN MUSICAL (TKM) is a 13-part genre busting television series that fuses fine food, great wines and sizzling drama and comedy in the musical world of two-star restaurant, The Avilon. Serving soon. from youtube"

Karylle plays Maddie Avilon, her dad owns the place and she's a graduate of culinary arts in Paris.
Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray a sous chef. He did not sing one bit on both trailers below I wonder what his character is like.

Is that Jaime Fabregas acting as food critic? I will definitely watch this show!!!
"This is the first international musical television drama series produced in Singapore for the regional and international markets, airing on AXN Asia, MetroTV in Indonesia, nTV7 in Malaysia, and Studio 23 in the Philippines.source"
I bet the whole south-east asia will love the show as it is packed with international superstars like Hong Kong supermodel Rosemary Vandenbroucke. Our Gerard Salonga is the music arranger.
Way to go Karylle!!!
oh ano dong, nakanganga ka ngayon no :P

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