Tuesday, February 01, 2011

God Has a Purpose

God has a purpose when He gave me a good voice.
He knew I'll have a baby who will be musically inclined and I'd have to sing to her all the time to make her happy.
He knew I'll mesmerize my 2nd year classmate with "Till My Heartaches End" song and I will marry him years later.

God has a purpose when He brought us to Brunei.
He knew our relationship is young and we need to be away from our comfort zone to rely on each other.
He knew I wont learn how to cook if I stayed in Manila and work during the day.

God has a purpose why Thea isnt madaldal yet.
He knew things I dont know yet but I know in my heart He does have a purpose. I have to be patient till He gives me the answers.
And though I havent grasp His plan fully yet I learned to enjoy the little things I could have neglected if Thea started talking much agad. You see I beam with pride when she says "Uh Oh", when she says "POP POP" for bubbles, "YEHEY" when she's extra happy, HAYFAY for HI-5, (yes she still watch TV in moderation naman).

Last week, Ate Lalah asked her "Thea ano gawa mo?" Thea said "Jump Thea." I was like "Did she really say that?" I asked her again but you know Thea doesnt like saying it again so she didnt.

Then we went to playroom and played the dollhouse. It has a doorbell and I kept on saying DingDong DingDong, you know with the dingdongish ring sound. She loved it and even looked at me when I say it so I just kept saying it, well mommies want to make their children happy dont they? Then she asked to go out of the room na and she said "DiDung" I could still recall the ring sound of her voice. Twas a happy happy moment. I dont know if you can relate but I am in cloud nine that day. I kept on talking to her till my voice cracked haha!

There was this time too that we were reading Fiddle I Fee, she likes loves this book (next to Clifford i mean). It was a book with animal sound and when she looked at me during the sheep sound I knew she likes me to repeat it so I did a hundred times (exag i know) but you get the picture, I just said Baaa Baaa Baaa till I heard her say BAAA and then she smiled. Would you believe I almost cried?

Everynight I pray to God to please give Thea a new word for the day and when He gives it my heart just overflows. I still pray that she'll learn new words everyday but more than that I am thankful for the joy she brings me every minute of each day. I am thankful that Thea is healthy. I am thankful that she soooo love mommy.
Mommy loves you loads and loads my dear Thea. God has a purpose why we need to go to teacher, why we need to stay here in Pinas while daddy works in Brunei, why mommy keeps on brushing and massaging you in the morning, why you have to bounce on your gym ball, why we have to do several activities per day. When you grow up I want you to know that you are a strong girl and that you are sooo kind. Me and your dad are proud of you.

My dear friends God has a purpose for everything.
Hope and have faith and love love love.

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