Tuesday, February 15, 2011


hi there everyone :D
February is a celebration month, there's valentines then lots of birthdays sa family.
So here are the cakes I baked for them. Next business will definitely include my cakes pero ngayon try muna sa mga kamag-anak pag naperfect na magdesign go go go!!!
for Ate's birthday feb 6
this and the last pic is for simon. today is his birhtday!

Simon's was a rectangle cake cut to make 2 cars. Opo, cars yan ha :D
The book said you can put them together and make them stand. But you see the cake is a little thin na even if you put them together they wont stand. So there, I just made two side view cars. I need to practice flooding the cake, ayan sumobra flood nagoverflow tuloy hehe. Next time, it will be more fab promise :)

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