Wednesday, February 09, 2011

wishing on a Twinkling Star

"Winke Winke yitey tar aw ay der wat are"

I just heard Thea sang her first song. Yep, you read it right she sang a song. I'll say it again now read with joy
I am a very proud momma!

Side kwento muna, yesterday her teacher said they were putting the star shape on the board and they heard her say "twinkle twinkle, I got a lil jealous because I havent heard it yet. Then I remembered last Monday she was doing the shape board with her teacher in Manila I sang Twinkle Twinkle, she was sleepy na kasi and I want to catch her attention. I didnt know she'd recall the song and say it to teacher tuesday. Her yaya told me she sang it too this morning, I wasnt there because I delivered order for the chocolate lollipops, so me naman though I am proud of her syempre I want to hear it too. A while ago she sang it to mommy with action pa.

My heart is sooo sooo happy. I love you much Thea. Mommy is very proud of you.

Oh and by the way, she got Mommy's voice :D
And here's me wishing on every Twinkling Star to hear more songs from my little girl.
wish wish wish hope hope hope

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ate mai said...

i feel for you sis!!!
Thea dear, tita mai is so so happy too!!!

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