Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Globe Broadband glitches

I need a portable internet and chose Globe Tattoo over Smart because the latter cant be installed on Windaws 7. In terms of techieness Globe outwit Smart here. The new Globe MyFi and the new faster tattoo (I forgot the name) is tempting, I want it but I dont want to buy them yet just because I have the tattoo which is relatively new.

Problem is I couldnt avail the unlimited surfing for a day because they gave me the Superfree promo last weekend. What the? I mean you should have told me that I wont be able to get other promotions if I am under another one, right? I phoned the customer service and she told me there's no way we can stop the Superfree promo. So I waited till the Superfree get expired and tried the Supersurf -the unlimited 24 hours for 50 pesos. Lo and behold, I couldnt avail pa din! I called them again and said I waited naman and I suppose I should be granted na the unlimited promo, the agent (now a boy named Jacob) said yes I should but there's a problem with their technical chuvaloo. haaay so now I am surfing at 5 pesos per 15 minutes , exag price hmmmp. If I said my name is Bella Swan, do you think he'd do anything to make them grant me the SuperSurf promo? :P

I wont rant any more it would take me another 15 minutes and I'll lose 5 peso again. So there babush. Dont forget do not avail the Superfree if you want to use the SUpersurf. Me never again :D

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