Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 of my favorite topics: Thea and Cakes

I said I'll make more fab cake next time right? My little girl's pic will show you i've improved!

I tried making sunflower cake for Gail's 11th birthday, I'll go out to see my gf's too so I decided to make another one now heart shaped and since it was EDSA day sakto lang ang yellow theme!

THe pink heart cake is today's cake. We didnt know Ate Mai and the kids were coming, the cake I made for Gail is not here, so i made one for them and for the peeps here too since last night daw Tatay was asking if I have leftover cake. Eh sakto lang gawa ko for gail and my gf's. So there may 3rd cake ako for everybody.

These batch is yummier. I learned from past mistakes never to leave your cake in the oven otherwise it will dry up, mawawala moisture :D
sunflower cakes by moi. More fab cakes to come!

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