Saturday, February 05, 2011

valentines day goodies

Hey Hey Hey! Valentines na naman.

Didnt I say I'll launch my business this coming valentines? I tried baking several recipes. Bought heart shape pans, red chocolates, valentine cookie cutters the works men! Then suddenly we had a project to help our niece so the new valentine goodies include roses and rose chocolates.

I started making the rose chocolates early January. Googled/YouTubed the correct way of melting them, but I dont have a double broiler so set it in a very very low fire na lang. Then read some more about how to put filling, then searched for the right filling. The first try was too sweet for me but my tasters (aka pamangkins) liked it!

I was looking through the sched and the to-do list and saw the ginormous task I need to do. Hubby knew it too so he said I'd take the cupcakes off the goodies list.Oh my Oh my.

Oh well, I could use them some other time. Hopefully on the bridal showers of my two besties who are now engaged (deserves another post I know ).

So there, here are some pics of our chocolate popsies. So if you know anyone from Calumpit or even Apalit (hi Chie!) please endorse our goods ha.


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alvin said...

that's really nice.
puwede din bang magorder para padalhan yung gumawa nyan? hehehe.
great job there gorgeous!

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