Friday, March 06, 2009

Embracing Changes

in no chronological order. here are bullets of new things that transpired in barely 12 days here in Brunei:

- Flock of birds greeted us on our first day out! I'll post a pic next time we dont know what they are called pero parang stork. Saturday naman I saw 2 monkeys! Walang unggoy na gumagala sa Manila, buwaya meron =P

- For our dependent VISA I was required to take xray, malaria and hiv test last Thursday, Feb 26. It was a challenge since we dont want Thea to be exposed to whatever is in the hospital. So we took turns in entertaining our princess inside the car. When I was about to take the Xray, they asked me when was the last time I had my period and if I were pregnant, I said I am not sure. Which made the process longer coz I have to go to the lab to have a preg test first. (O mga tao sa pinas, wag muna kayong kabahan.) The result was negative, Oh Thank You Lord. So I went back to the radiologist and finish the rest of the test. We got the result a week later, yesterday, and they were ok. Next agenda is to bring our passports to the immigration for our VISA. After that, we need to get an IC - identification card. Do you see? I see! Haha, corny. Pero true they call it IC instead of ID.

- We were at a bday party last Sat. And most of the comment we received was how big our Thea is. Hehehe, true nga naman!!!

- Went to the grocery last sunday. Supa Save ang name pero di naman nakakasupa save.

- We went to the hospital last tuesday. Thea has a cold and has running nose. Disudrin couldnt make her well. So off we go to the posh (well for them) shell hospital, hehe. Our bill was 36 something, 30 goes to the prof fee and 6 to the pharmacy. Forex is 32 so do the math. Fine, i'll do it. PF is around 900. Mas mura pa din sa pinas.

- Eto totoong bago!!! I was able to cook adobo, afritada, caldereta, sinigang, sweet and sour fish. Wahooo! I managed to make them look and taste good. However when I cooked ginisang gulay na ewan, it looked like un nga ewan but it taste ok pero ewan pa din. This afternoon, menu was monggo! They liked it, salamat naman!

- We are filtering the water for thea's bath. However it is still not safe for her milk so we need to buy distilled water and boil it again. We are praning sa safety ni baby, dami daw kasi dito nagkaka skin asthma dahil sa tubig. Syemps ayaw naming pumangit balat ng prinsesa!

- There's no mall and cinema here in Seria, the nearest is in the city which is 2 hours away. I rarely see people walking around. No sari-sari store. Buses are seldom and has a schedule, and rarely goes to Kampung Baru, buses only go here when a passenger asks the driver otherwise the bus trip wont include KB.

- My bath time has a sched and should be quick, usually I bring Thea along. She sitting in her stroller or walker, I need to make sure the musical mobile is playing. Should the entertainment stops and I am not done yet, I usually sing, flush the toilet, or open the shower just to make noise. Never knew that going to the bathroom requires planning, quick mind and sharp ears.

- We still continue Thea's routine but her sponge bath now is around 6:00 - 6:30. She plays with her daddy once Alvin comes from office. A marve sight, I tell you! It always feels good to see your baby and your husband playing, tapos ako nagpapahinga hahaha - peace daddy!

- Laki na ni Thea. Nag "abububu" na. Yung gusto ng magsalita na di naman pa nya kaya. Pero nasasabi na nya ung "MA", kahit di pa nya alam ang meaning tunaw na tunaw na ko pano pa kaya pag nasabi na nya talaga un by heart with matching i love you saka kiss!!!

- "Embrace changes. Enjoy Life." is my theme for the year 2009. Sure enough the first months spell change.

Oooops, ngayon ko lang naisip "CHANGE" nga din pala ang slogan ni OBAMA.

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