Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mama Sita versus Connie Veneracion

Last night, I started tenderising the beef for today's lunch. I've googled the ingredients and the ref said I have everything I need. This morning, after taking out all the veggies I opened the drawer to take out Mama Sita's Kaldereta mix, AYAYAY my stock of kaldereta mix is used up, oh boy!

GOOGLE to the rescue. But first let me tell you about these ladies:

Who is Mama Sita? She has always been associated for fab Filipino foods and now she has become a brand for Filipino Dish ready Mix. Big help for newlyweds starting to cook for their husband or wants to impress in-laws. Who is Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes?

Who is Connie Veneracion? She is the woman behind and house on a hill. She is, by the way, a lawyer and she is the sassylawyer at twitter. Her recipes are easy to follow some even have pictures and tabs so you could follow it easily. Magaling sya! I suggest you follow this link and try one of her recipes, you'll impress your hubby betcha. Click here to know more about her.

So I typed Beef Kaldereta and found myself at Connie Veneracion's site I followed it and added some cheese.

The meal was a hit! Hubby's comment was "Mas masarap pa kay Mama Sita".

But really, Mama Sita was a huge help for me but I just have to let her go on my Kaldereta recipe. However I will still have to use her other products especially for KareKare, (Naku ha ayaw ko nga maggawa ng asuete sauce noh!)

Verdict: Both love the kitchen and their dishes are loved by many! Cheers to Connie who shares with us the meals she cooks for her family. ANd to you Mama SIta, i bet if you were alive you'll have your own food blog too =D

Are you a MamaSita or Connie fan too?


Anonymous said...

I've quit following Connie Veneracion for the simple reason that she gives good food a bad taste. Sassy is not the word for it, but crabby and cantakerous. Make the mistake of an unguarded bonhomie comment on her vaunted blogs and she'll caramelize you faster than Gordon Ramsay blowtorching a Creme Brulee. That's no House on the Hill, but Something under a Rock. Gee, thanks but no thanks!

Anonymous said...

I find her rude sometimes when she reply to comments and to people who ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the above comments. She's a good cook. Alright. But very rude.

Anonymous said...

very rude. ndi ako impress s knya. imbis n tulungan k nya to be better, iinsultuhin nya lng ang tanong mo ang nambabara. pano mo masasabing magaling xa eh napakadali lng magluto pra s tatlong tao. good cooks can cook for a thousand people ans still taste superbly.

Anonymous said...

mapapahiya k lng pag nagtry mong magtanong s knya. yung tanong na ndi nya alam ang sagot idadaan nya s pambabara. follow marketmanila instead. at least eto may resto tlga and ndi madamot magshare ng knowlege abt cooking.

Anonymous said...

not a fan of cv... i'm a fan of mamasita and their products. =)

actually marketmanila blogger is also rude sometimes... i'd rather search for articles on the web rather stick with these people... i get it that they're famous(?) in the blogosphere, but it's more reason to be humble and accommodating to people who visit their blogs.

Connie said...

Hey, Anonymous, why pretend to be several people when there's really just one of you?

As for other people reading this post, Anonymous is a liar. READ THIS.

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