Friday, May 21, 2010

Filipina in Brunei

This entry is for my n@wie sissies mavic and andrea. Mavic's husband is working here in Brunei so I bet she'll be very interested about the type of life we have here. Andrea will soon be moving in this country and I hope this entry will be helpful for you.

It has been a year and 3 months since me and my babe moved here in Brunei to be with the husband. It wasnt an easy transition from a working girl to a stay at home mom, actually it was a challenge not only for me but also for hubby. I am just so thankful that he is patient enough till I learned the ways how to be a mom and a wife (or just be me) at the same time, I am still learning and everyday is a different journey. Thank God for the many rainbows He has been sending us a reminder of His promise that He will protect and He will provide.

Enough about us muna, the general things you need to know about the country is here

If you are coming from the Philippines and moving to Brunei you better bring the following:
-Clothes and lots of it because if you were planning to just buy new clothes here you will be very disappointed with the few choices (the locals dress differently that's why and the brands that are available are few and a little costly better buy the clothes from Pinas).
-If you're bringing children bring the most effective medicine you think there is for every sort of sickness possible because the famous pharmacy here which is the "the guardian" is nothing compared to our "mercury drug". I suggest you bring disudrin for kids, the vitamins, the insect repellant the organic one, if you are using lactacyd for bath bring lots of it - we had a really hard time finding them here that's why we switched muna to cetaphil which is by the way $30+ and that's a lot.

Q. How would you compare the cost of living dito sa Pilipinas?
A. For us, except for electronics and gasoline everything else are more expensive here.

Q. Do you like it there? Is it a place you would consider staying for good?
A. For a young family like ours Brunei is a good place, we have lots of time together. If we will still have a contract after next year we would definitely stay.

Q. Which stuff to bring. Is it worth to ship things from Manila.
A. Usually the houses for rent here are fully furnished. We didnt bring things other than our personal stuff when we went here

I blogged here things we did when we were new in this country.
So there, i hope this entry helps. Hope to see you here soon, settled and happy.


Mavic said...

hi Em, thanks ha? really appreciate your blog :)

em said...

hi mavic, i dont skype anymore but I have YM its em_regalado =D

andrea said...

Hello Em!

Thanks so much for this. Super helpful.

em said...

hey andrea! you're super welcome. drop a message kapag dito na kayo sa brunei =) God bless you on your journey

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