Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CONCEDE is such a sweet word!

Presidentiables Manny Villar, Dick Gordon, JC DelosReyes and Gibo Teodoro has all conceded.

Villar said "Humaharap ako sa inyo ngayon upang tanggapin ang pasyang ito. Upang igalang ang boses ng sambayanang Pilipino (I now face you all to admit my defeat). from GMAnewsTV
JC DelosReyes said “I will support his government in other reform efforts we have in common." from GMANewsTV
Gordon said "I wish him well and I hope the country wins this time." from INQ
GIBO said "I am very happy insofar as the result of the race is considered"from ABS-CBN
Meanwhile Gibo's immediate plans: "Go back to being a good husband and a good father." tweet by ANC Alerts That's great =D
(just in Eddie Villanueva has conceded as well)

Merriam Webster dictionary defines concede = v. to accept as true, valid and accurate.
My definition Concede = GRACE
When you lost an election and started bad mouthing the winning opponent, you are actually making a bigger mistake. It's more noble to accept defeat and not retaliate. Refrain from saying silly bad words and you'll regain your dignity and respect.

Just so you know, I hate it when my Twitter home page is flooded (because usually they're nonsense) but today I click the refresh button every 15 minutes to check if there's any update and yes it is flooded and I love it!ANCALERTS rocks!

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