Friday, April 09, 2010

The BlowUpBabies Experience

I got a 500 peso pass for a free photoshoot plus a P200 discount on printing, I am a sucker for freebies. Next thing I knew me and Thea with yaya went to BlowUpBabies Serendra branch.
Happy with the photos. It wont be long till my little girl grows up and this will surely be a treasure for both her and us parents.

Here are the pictures: (these arent the raw pics I've edited them already)

BlowUpBabies facebook account

Here's the catch:
Printing per picture is taaadaaaa P900 =)
Unedited 15 soft copies of your shoot will cost you 1500 bucks. The edited version is like 3000 yata di ko sure di na nagregister kasi sabi ko ung unedited na lang duh!
If you print 3 pictures naman you'll get the 15 unedited softcopies for free.
Thing is the digital copies are low resolution and small. Can't blame them it's business alright, you have to go there to print your pics =D

all in all its a 3 star experience, could have been 5 except I find them a bit pricey. Buti na lang I have a P600 debit din on my HSBC card so that's P1300 less for my pocket!

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