Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun at the Beach

beach = happiness
twas Thea's first time to step into the water and she loves it. She was so brave and walks towards the wave, giving me a heart attack. She wants to let go of our hands to that we say "No you dont"! But it was a fun fun beach time!

Hubby's parents were here for a week kaya we 3 had pics together! Yey

So when are you hitting the beach? Kami we just might go there again since its just a 15-minute ride from the house and its free =D But no swimming here, just a lovely sunset and beachcombing.

extra:Swimsuit daw? Di ka nga pwede magsuot ng sleeveless sa street kasi huhulihin ka, pano pa kung swimsuit sa beach?
Last March I saw a local girl swimming in the Rizqun Hotel she still wears her headdress and her swim wear is her jogging pants and a red shirt! Culture culture galore =D
Then if you go to Empire Hotel naman where the caucasians go, you'll see women wearing skimpy two-piece - eye feast for lots of Pinoys working at the poolside.

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