Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a licensed driver i am!

This year part of my goals is to know how to drive and to have my license. Last December, moi got my student driver's license and this March I applied for my non-pro and got it!

one of the requirements is your TIN. haaay, my dear tatay wanted to have his license too but he doesnt have a TIN but a TAN, you know what's that? TAN is the prehistoric TIN hahaha, and LTO doesnt recognize that so he needed to go and have his TIN pa hassle.
lto requirements click here

My driving is a different story =P My fastest is 60kph and if I feel that I am that fast(yes that's fast for me ayt) I'll go back to 40kph! All it takes is practice and lots of lakas ng loob!

So there! I'll update you of my driving as soon as I hit 70kph!

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