Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I viewed my blog and read about politics and election, whew, and I paused "Is this my blog?". So I am posting this cutie pic of my daughter taken last Sunday after going to the church! She really knows how to smile for the camera =D
love love
The next pic was taken last week during Sunday School, she likes the little girl's lollypop so she took it making the girl a little teary eyed so mommy to the rescue gave the lolly back=)

last pic was taken here in our sala. The boy is our housemate's son Miguel vacationing from Manila. Thea likes watching the cartoons by my side at the sofa but when she saw kuya sitting at the mat she insisted she'd sit there too =)
happy we have playmates here in the house kahit 1 month lang!

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A Match Made in Heaven said...

so cute...pretty pretty...

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