Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Kailan ka mag-aasawa?"

"Ate Ems, kailan ka mag-aasawa?" that was blurted out by one of the teens from our church. I told him I don't have a boyfriend at the moment and I will tell him when (and if) I will marry.

Being single, unmarried and turning 28, I might have probably heard that line over and over. And mind, answering them can sometimes be frustating because they seem to see me doomed in singlelandia forever. Which is not a very welcome status here in my beloved Philippines. One of the classic reactions from one of my pretty aunts was a few rub on my back, which actually meant "don't worry dear, u'll have ur romeo soon".

i think i dont have anupthaphobia. thank God! though i think everyone around me fears for me. i know all of you cares and there's nothing wrong with that but there are things in life you could enjoy even when you're single. success is not measured by the ring on ones finger, it is something that can be achieve married or unmarried.

success and the single adult

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