Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wento ng wento

It’s been a month. Lots of tears shed. Anger exploded. Dreams shattered. Ang dami. Surely Independence day had a new meaning! Yay! Am tired to write details but Im happy I’m moving on bit by bit. A million mile begins with a single step, isn’t it? So cheers to a new me and looking forward to a brand new “em” in days, months and years to come. Come journey with me, ayt?

On the other hand, office had been quite stressful. I don’t know if I am saying this all because im PMSing or Im just really pissed off. But something happened today which might make my stay more interesting. My crush came. I now know his name and he also asked mine! Ayos! His hair is a little off, I like the semi-kalbo he used to don. Plus he will be going here every so often! Wowowee! There’s more in him that I like than his hair of course. Anyway, I don’t know him except that he got passion and I’m just glad I ‘again’ have someone who I could be mababaw na kilig with every now and then. (dear, did i say crush? crush is diff from love right!)

Oh, and I’m meeting someone (B) nga pala. I deleted my write up about him last time because his reaction about it seems to be quite alarming. So I told him I write down what I feel at the moment and everything written here might not be true in days to come. To hold readers from too much information, I restricted the blog. I don’t know how long this privacy might be, time can only tell.

Then there were dreams, I dreamed about (A) and he’s with someone, short haired, petite, I haven’t paid much attention to the looks but she definitely is not carole, else i'd recognize her instantly. In my other dream I saw (B) and he's going to see his ex. He was trying to explain something but “again” I didn’t pay attention. In both dreams, I am numb, I don’t feel hurt, I don’t feel bad. Acceptance has finally dawned on me. But dreams are dreams you know! And they say, dreams are your secret fears. So do I fear seeing them with those they love? I still have to find out.

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