Thursday, June 28, 2007


These are my way of saying thanks to the many great men and women who have touched my life. They may or may not know me yet I want them all to know that their life is much appreciated.

To my best friends, Geng and Rhea, elementary and high-school years would not be that great without you. My memories of my young years would never be that fun. Special mention to my brothers from Tropang Kap! The feeling of belongingness a young girl could wish was best given by these supportive kuyas. Couldn’t forget that one time when my family cant give me money for our field trip, The tropa and my two besties chipped in so I may be able to come. Love you guys, mwaaah.

To my church and to the many pastors who led it. Them who have inculcated the Christian faith in me, thank you. My GIRMYWAP mates with whom I shared lots of Sunday School, retreats, fellowships, prayer meetings and lots of fun times! To Minette and Udette, my two Jonathans in my broken hearted moments, I will always be indebted to you. You were the angels God used to help me recover faster than I could ever imagine. My Sunday kinder school teachers, the late ate Beth and ate Esther, who were fond of calling me celebrity names I like, Sundays could never be sooo fun. I will always be your little Snooky or Shawy. To Kuya/Tito/Teacher Oscar, the GIRMYWAP’s ever reliable teacher our mentor in every way, namaste.

To my dear family, who had taught me the values of love, patience, trust and perseverance, I love you. They are my motivation and reason for my dreams. Maraming maraming salamat, Nanay and Tatay. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude. Their trust which we’ve always valued are very important to me and my siblings. And though we may have failed them in many ways they are still there to support us and give us a hand, I think that’s understated, they not only give us a hand they give their all to help us stand. Thank you, thank you so much. Mwah mwah! To Ate Mai and Ate Leng, who have shared their lives and resources to help Nanay and Tatay raise me up. To Ate La, whom I shared lots of secrets, laughter, and emo moments and who taught me many ‘kalokohan’ (hehe), labyu!

written last august 8 2006, was not posted then because its not yet finished, its still unfinished but nonetheless published today just because...

To my officemates, my college friends and barkada, to everyone I met. Thank you. The joy, pain, laughter and tears we've shared make me a better person. This doesnt mean I appreciate you less, I just don't have enough time to enumerate all of you then. If in time kudos part 2 will ever be written, I'll make sure I wont go tired of writing the names of everyone who had made my life more meaningful =)

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